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Percy the Science Clown (Science & Technology)

Hey, hey, HEY, kids! It’s me, Percy! That’s right — your favorite Science Clown is on the Internet now! And I’m just as excited as electrons to answer all of those nagging science questions that keep you awake at night! (Or if you’d prefer, I’ll just pop on over and keep you awake at night.) I’ve got degrees up the wazoo from several respected universities, but thanks to corporate downsizing, do you think I can find a job in a real laboratory? HELL NO!!! But I’m not bitter. After all, what’s more fun — a government-funded research facility with all the amenities, or…A BIG RED HONKY-HONK NOSE?! Whoo-HOO-HOOOOO!!!!! Somebody get me a drink.

Nilly Rambus

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Flip Whizzle (Music)

Flip Whizzle is a 100% bona-fide expert in analyzing the sonic replications of musicians. Though not musically inclined himself, Flip has spent a lifetime devoted to the study of critiquing things that he himself has not created. After switching majors 127 times while attending G’rix University, he decided to focus on music. Flip is also a retired DJ and worked for several substantial stations including the infamous KORK for a brief period of time before turning his efforts to a full time career in the music critiquing industry. These days when Flip isn’t hard at work listening to the latest bands he can be found on the concrete patio of his Santa Pez home mixing margaritas and scorching some kind of meat on his BBQ grill.