Whizzle Review: “The Mourning After” New Release from Oatmeal Torque

Hey kids! It’s me, Flip Whizzle back again with another exciting edition of Whizzle While You Work!

Boy have I got a band for you to check out! This weekend I had the pleasure of accidentally stumbling across Oatmeal Torque! As in, actually tripping over them as I was entering the Sav-Mor Beer-Stor over on 29th and Prink Ave. They were sleeping in the breezeway and my eyes hadn’t adjusted from the seemingly perpetual bright, clear skies we’ve been getting lately. (Seriously, can’t we have just one cloud???) Anyway, I opened the door and tripped over singer Johnny “The Jaw” Plunkett but fortunately bass player Melvin Skink broke my fall.

After we sorted out the initial confusion, cussing, accusations, threats of violence and subsequent lawsuits I was able to ascertain that they were the band I had seen the night before at Roger’s Raucous Room over by the Bland-Mart on 69th and Regalia. Wow, did this insidious collection of personalities put on one heck of a show performing their latest album, The Mourning After, in its entirety. The band didn’t waste any time after hitting the stage, plonking down the the 1st track, “Blood Syrup”, a sludgy yet catchy tune written by guitarist Mo Dinero about an unfortunate breakfast mishap.

Next, they tore right into the next two tracks, “A Little Bit of Crab” and “Do He Love Me”, then bantered with the audience while drummer C.C. Expletive dashed out for a visit with her probation officer. After C.C.’s return, the band crashed into what I think will be remembered as their most memorable anthem, “Hammered Time” with its crushing beat and repetitive melody. During their next number, “Fake ID, Fake Ego”, unofficial 5th member and multi-instrumentalist  Preston Beadle gave an outstanding extended solo performance while simultaneously utilizing all the bands gear, some of the venues gear, and some borrowed from the audience while the rest of the band had a nap.

After a brief encounter with illicit substances the rest of the band once again took the stage and continued with “Look at Me” and “Love Lotto”, a mournful ballad about a wrestler and his dog, then plunged straight away into the myopic yet whimsical “Sereal Mumbler” and the strange but oddly profound “Ode to Brendan Fraser”. Then, singer Johnny The Jaw belted out the serenely disturbing acapella version of “JSP 566” while drummer C.C. Expletive tapped out the rhythm on a big spoon. This was followed by the pulsating “The Big Spoon”, a song about a drummer and her big spoon.The set ended with the energetic “Only Kayro”, followed by an encore that consisted of a blistering 94 minutes of jumping up and down on a bed of corn husks.

All in all, it was a well adjusted performance and was definitely worth the cover charge (a bag of shredded cardboard). I even scored a signed copy of The Mourning After as part of an out-of-court settlement in gratia from the band for not pressing charges relating to alleged assault activities at the Sav-Mor Beer-Stor that may have interfered with upcoming tour plans. I also got a sweet new set of steak knives out of the deal! Get out there and catch ‘em live before they all wind up in prison or worse!

That’s all for now! Until next week, I’m Flip Whizzle with the latest musical, um, newsicle. Goddamit!


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